Fat Loss Injections With B12

Fat Loss Injections come in a variety of choices:

  • The mineral injection has a variety of necessary minerals, including magnesium l, which assists with blood pressure, anxiety and helps with overall muscle relaxation.
  • The amino acid injection, or BODY BUILDER injection, has a variety of amino acids necessary for muscle health.
  • The MICC injection has lipotropic/fat loss advantages as well as B-12 for energy.
  • The Lipo Injection has amino acids and vitamins for fat loss as well as a spectrum of B vitamins to help with weight loss and energy.
  • Vitamin D3 injections to assist in immune and cardiac function.
  • Vitamin C injections to aid immune system function and collagen cross-linking, which can help you look younger.
  • Zinc injections have been helpful for acne, immune system function, and possibly makes Botox last longer