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Absolutely! As women age, they begin losing testosterone in their 20s, while men begin in their 30s. Why is testosterone important? Testosterone helps to build muscle. And muscle, is your metabolism; ie, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. Testosterone replacement can help men and women feel less tired and more energetic. At Jax Beach BODY MD, we recommend testosterone pellet replacement, to release testosterone naturally, like your body would, and this helps to avoid the side effects of too high and low levels by keeping a stable testosterone level.

How do you know if you need testosterone replacement? A quick lab test and analysis by the physician can determine if it’s right for you

Is the procedure painful? No. You are numbed thoroughly and it takes less than 5 minutes to perform. The procedure is performed by a Board Certified Surgeon to avoid complications

What’s involved and how much is it? You will undergo examination by a physician, labs will be ordered/obtained, and if testosterone is recommended by the physician, a quick procedure is performed in office. There is minimal to no pain or downtime. Initial consultation is $199, and the procedure is $300 for women (lasts 3-4 months or more), and $700 for men (lasts 5-6 months or more). A weight loss program can be started at the same time for $125.