Men’s Health

Hormone Therapy: Testosterone plays a critical role in men’s health. Men starting having testosterone levels decline in their 30’s…feeling tired, less stamina and libido. Get your groove back with a simple placement of testosterone pellets every 6 months—set it and forget it.

Sexual Rejuvenation: Enhance your sexual performance with an injection of PRP—increase penis sensation, orgasm, endurance and feel good.

Brotox: Botox placed subtly around crow’s feet and forehead to make you appear happier and relaxed…without anyone knowing!

Filler: Make your jawline and chin more masculine, soften the signs of aging.

Fat Transfer: Reduce inches around the middle, and use the fat to augment your biceps!! The He-Man makeover.

Gynecomastia: More breast tissue on your chest than you want? We can remove it in office without large scars or downtime.

Neck Rejuvenation: If you’re tired of having a turkey neck, we can perform Gentlesculpt to tighten your neck without tell-tale scars, and no downtime…honey-do list excuses can be supplied at a nominal fee!

Manscaping: Tired of shaving…down there? With laser hair removal, we can permanently remove hair anywhere….back, ears, neck, below the belt—all comfortably and safely.

Hair Restoration: We can help if you’re losing hair! A variety of products and PRP therapy

Superman Cocktail: An IV or injection of amino acids for muscle, lipotropic agents for fat loss, B-12 for energy, and Vitamin D for heart health and strong bones and immune system.