Surgical Services

Ear Lobe Repair: $750
Stretched piercings are easily repaired with a snip and stitch.

Scar Revision: $800+ (depending on location and size)
Excision and repair of scars to improve appearance $800+ depending on location and size.

Cyst/Mole Excision: $800+
Removal of benign cysts or moles

Mini Facelifts: $6500+
Skin is excised, tightened, resurfacing and the face is rejuvenated with fat transfer.

Eye Lift/ Blepharoplasty: $3500+
Upper eyelid skin is removed to provide a youthful appearance to the eyes and face. Microneedle and plasma pen treatments are included.

Lip Lift: $2000
As aging occurs, the upper lip tends to lose volume and turn under, and the distance between the upper lip and nose increases. This is corrected by a small excision of skin above the lip, carefully hiding the scar just beneath the nose.

Skin Resurfacing: $2000+
Addresses severe wrinkles and stretch marks using J-Plasma.